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Hall Early Childhood (Consultants and Agency).

Childcare and business consultants. From child behavior control, to fixing C.V’s.

consultants quality assurance

Quality Assurance.

We can guide you through the assessment and rating process.

consultants hall performing arts

Hall Performing Arts.

Get dancing today! From setting up dance environments, to the art of choreographic sequences.

consultants work health and safety

Staff to cater your needs.

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Hall Early runs professional (development) sessions and can cater and tailor them to your specific industry and organisation. This includes:

Professional sessions include:

  • Consultants butterflyWork Health and Safety including what to think about when working alone.
  • Consultants butterfly 0National Quality Standards.
  • Consultants butterfly 1Planning for sustainability and Eco friendly environments.
  • Consultants butterfly 2Collaborative practices with families and the community.
  • Consultants butterfly 3Stress management for both children and staff.
  • Consultants butterfly 4Behavior management for children.
  • Consultants butterfly 5How to include children and students in decision making process.
  • Consultants butterfly 6Program planning and documentation.
  • Consultants butterfly 7Working with children with additional needs.
  • Consultants butterfly 8Health and nutrition.
  • Consultants butterfly 9Business management focusing on best ways to manage your time, book keeping, Mandatory documentation.
  • Consultants butterfly 10Work Health and Safety including what to think about when working alone.
  • Consultants butterfly 11Dance environment set ups.
  • Consultants butterfly 12Music and movement for all ages.
  • Consultants butterfly 13Costume and set design.
  • Consultants butterfly 14Choreography.

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